Discover the Loire in a canoe

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Canoe Nature Loisirs offers you to discover the Loire by canoe, the last great wild river.

Our rental bases are located in Haute-Loire in Bas-en-Basset & Chamalières-sur-Loire

Discover our routes

Bas-en-Basset base

Pont de Lignon – Bas

9 km        17 €

Bransac – Bas

14 km        22 €

Bas – Aurec

14 km        22 €

Retournac – Bas

22 km        27 €


1 h        10 €


made to order  27 €

Chamalières-sur-Loire Base

Vorey – Chamalières

10 km        17 €

St Vincent – Chamalières

14 km        22 €

Lavoûte sur Loire – Chamalières

20 km        27 €


made to order 27 €

Live a unique experience!

Go on an adventure on the Loire for several days

Sail peacefully on board a canoe on the Loire, the last wild river in Europe.  Share these moments of discovery and adventure with friends and family. 

The bivouac is entirely autonomous, you choose the best place to sleep and contemplate the fauna and flora. 

It is essential to bring your bivouac kit (tent, meals, etc…), our canoes are equipped with waterproof containers to allow you to carry what you need.


Special request

Whether it is for a school, a works council or a day-care center, we offer tailor-made packages.

We welcome children for canoeing initiations with adapted courses and state certified instructors

Our practical advice

We recommend that you bring :

A hat

A t-shirt


A pair of water shoes.

It is imperative to know how to swim !